AKERCOCKE "The Goat Of Mendes"

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AKERCOCKE "The Goat Of Mendes"
  • Album: The Goat Of Mendes
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

The former band, SALEM ORCHID, has signed with Peaceville for three albums but I believe the reason this contract does exist is that the five are from London. Nothing I have listened to so far impressed me, although their manner of approaching music is quite diverse, from Grind and Death to Black Metal rather colored with electronic inducements from time to time atmospheric and melodic. I have always appreciated Peaceville's activity yet, I am afraid, this band was not exactly their best choice. I have also read a few reviews of the album and the majority had advanced respectful regards. I am sorry, but I believe that, as long as everything is too complex and the ideas burst into each single tune, it is required either patience or experience to digest it. I must admit that AKERCOCKE shows an original musical approach, yet this only cannot guarantee much except little attention in some magazines. As I did not listened to "Rape of the Bastard Nazarene", their first album so far, I am not to pronounce myself on any further appreciation. Let us hope the next one shall be more explicit?!