ALAS "Absolute Purity"

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ALAS "Absolute Purity"
  • Album: Absolute Purity
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • United States

If saying Erik Rutan, you think of MORBID ANGEL and HATE ETERNAL and if you find out Martina Astner is the one who used to play with THERION, the adrenaline grows. If including Howard Dawis drummer (DIE KRUPPS) and the bass player Scott Hornick (RIPPING CORPSE), then you start to realize it is about a serious band, an exquisite one that definitely has something to say for all brutal music fans. Well, the scenario is perfectly true until the brutal part because the four express now an Atmospheric Emotional Metal, a very clear and strong sound built on Gothic Doom structures with a unique female voice, technical guitar, and discreet bass, simple drums. If talking in account Erik's intelligent keyboard, you can drop the conclusion that ALAS is a band enclosed in a range of peaceful worming ones, pleasant at hearing anytime and anywhere. The relaxing atmosphere created by calm tunes and Martina's voice confers "Absolute Purity" the status of a reference innovative original charming album. I would only say it is missing that nerve, that vitality I expected to find at Erik's riffs. Therefore, I observe a certain slight resemblance among the tracks, which means a rather monotonous sound.