ALBIREON "I Passi di Liu"

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ALBIREON "I Passi di Liu"
  • Album: I Passi di Liu
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Quite tangled up Davide Borghi’s project! Started ten years ago, it seems it managed to get some notoriety in Italy through the release of a few underground materials. With a film like music, melodic soundtrack, based on guitar, keyboard, flute and piano, Davide’s team presents to us a few interesting tracks that oscillate between Dark, NeoFolk and Ambient, with an accent on the theatrical dimension, a bit difficult to describe in words. I understood that the album was released in a limited version as well, 100 copies that also include a DVD, addressed to all those who want to get a deeper insight into the ALBIREON concept. The Dark note is at times balanced by the aroma of some remarkable ballades, while Davide’s interesting voice seems to gravitate around an exclusivist, elitist sound. Quite difficult to understand this project, with a less than commercial message and an original approach… and so, for those interested in strange stuff, ALBIREON could be an inspired choice.