Alcest "Ecailles De Lune"

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Alcest "Ecailles De Lune"
  • Album: Ecailles De Lune
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: Prophecy
  • Artist: 
  • France

Pretty confusing Neige’s new album! And Im stating this as the preceding album followed a much simpler line, perhaps allowing the listener to conveniently decide if you this is a sound to like or, the opposite… The new tracks are more like a sum of sequences that do not seem to (theoretically) have many ties between each other, at least from the point of view musicality…

Neige is balancing, the least bit in a simple manner, the melancholy of some romantic passages and solos with very aggressive riffs… doing the same with the vocal side, which, more than ever before, brings in from those ‘feminine’ tonalities to the most violent and screamed male voices, with an overwhelming scraping guitar sound in the background – more exactly a sort of prolonged noise that makes little sense should you not pay attention! It is rather difficult to frame/catalogue it after 2 or 3 hearings…

You are left thinking where does this music fit, this very atmospheric but also avant-garde Black Metal that makes some incredible referrals towards Post Romantic or Shoegaze… With ties to both the violence of the debut EP but also to the melancholy of the first album, ALCEST presents to us its most varied work so far, one that requires a certain mood from the listener… Initially I failed in giving it too many credits, as the style type confusions was blocking anything I could hang onto… now, after a series of sequential hearings, I can tell you that it deserves more than a simple listening! This Shoegaze Metal is a musical style that doesn’t fit well with those who want to listen to something that they know it should be listened to….

Too deafening and noisy for the fans of the melancholic Indie/Shoegaze, too light and lacking of substance for the Black Metal fans, those who consider that thin vocals and slow accords (or even full length ambient tracks) have nothing to do with the brutality expressed within certain accords… It’s difficult to understand, and why not, to accept something like this, especially to those who hold a background anchored exclusively in Metal... or… Non-Metal. The introduction of new elements in this Metal oversaturated with clones (that do nothing else than try to copy some giants who either no longer exist or who are now experimenting new territories), will eventually revolutionise this relatively static Scene, evolutionarily related to the last 10-15 years.

Those bored with ordinary albums or lines of same sounding bands promoted by large festivals will look onwards for something else; this is exactly why the first events where you can see bands like ENTOMBED with GRAILS or ULVER with the most extreme Grindcore bands on the planet are now being put together! Bands evolve, their dynamic changes, same as with the influences, confluences, or experiments…
We can remain ‘cvlt’ and ‘trv’ or we can accept something else as well… its up to us and our wish to assimilate one thing of another… ALCEST is Neige’s project, this French musician that showed in 10 years that he can be ‘trv’, but also that he is able to incorporate into his music other influences, not the least bit conventional for the most conservators amongst us!
His new album can be seen as an interesting challenge or it can remain ignored… I chose the first option and I am very anxious and excited to see them play on the 21st of March, their very first show ever, a worldwide premiere… in Bucharest!
The ball is in your court…