ALGOL "Gorgonus Aura"

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ALGOL "Gorgonus Aura"
  • Album: Gorgonus Aura
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • United States

I do not have any idea what might be the level of exquisite Black Metal sound for American bands and if they could be proud of such, especially when atmospheric trends are desired. ALGOL has nothing new to offer but a modest common Black Death Metal, abundant synth, a pronounced guitar and a throaty simple voice. I find interesting the acoustic tracks, as they tend to be ambient and, from time to time, a few guitars' solos intelligently interweave with the atmosphere already created by synth. Yet these tracks are long enough and have not much in common with the brutal ones. The album seems to be the result of too many chaotic ideas, some good, but placed in an uninspired order. For example, "Gorgonus Aura" represents a summary of heterogenous tracks as music and direction as well. Should we be merciful considering it is solely their debut album?! Greg Singer, 120 Susan Drive, Millersburg, PA 17061, U.S.A.,, ,
THE TWELFTH PLANET, P.O. BOX 22, 65012 Cepagatti (PE), Italy,,