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  • Album: The Brink
  • Year: 2011
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

I don’t think there’s a Metal/Rock fan in the world, that doesn’t know Duncan Patterson…His work with ANATHEMA, ANTIMATTER or ION has been and is appreciate everywhere, despite the fact that his avant-garde vision has been rarely understood from the beginning. Nevertheless, Duncan is a flawless artist, who continues to experiment, and never gets old or tired of trying new stylistically approaches, even if they’re not exactly mainstream. After the ANATHEMA and ANTIMATTER reunion, the musician focused his energies toward a different project, named ION, that released a new material last year. After that things seemed to move slow, until last year when we found out that the artist is trying to build a new musical chapter. Therefore Duncan joined forces with Mark Kelson (THE ETERNAL) and with Argentinean percussionist Mauro Drison, with whom he has been composing 9 songs in just a few months. The songs make up the debut album “The Brink”, who’s scheduled for release in the next few days, under the famous Italian label Avantgarde. The albums lays before the listener a new innovative approach of Duncan’s ideas, this time in a more introverted, dark and introspective way. It’s not advised for me to start describing every single song, because the album is a full concept led by a very atmospheric Rock dimension, one that is full of emotions and unique poetic auras. I’d like to highlight “The Bring (reprise)”, the last song on the album, which represents a virtual catharsis inspired journey between life and death, between reality and fiction, subconscious and consciousness….During the 14 minutes the listener can abandon himself and be drowned in the overbearing universe.

ALTERNATIVE 4 is a music group that bears no stylistic landmarks, because it has all: Rock, Alternative, Electronic, Ambient, Metal, Atmospheric. Even so, you can sense the whole concept is wrapped up in a subtle, fine Dark dimension that’s full of emotions.

In Bucharest, on the 15th of December, we’re also going to see alongside Duncan, the ex-violin player and keyboardist of old MY DYING BRIDE and CRADLE OF FILTH – Martin Powell.

Overall, this is a music you should listen to during a grey late autumn evening, when hope threatens to leave and you lack the desire to think about the day to come, as everything happens in an absent, abstract and indefinable present.