AMATRIS "Imprisoned"

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AMATRIS "Imprisoned"
  • Album: Imprisoned
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: TWILIGHT
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

There couldn't be a better clone for TRISTANIA or SIRENIA! Obviously, the old THEATRE OF TRAGEDY sounds quite close too! Based on duality and contrasts, AMATRIS prepared a new orderly album, full of Gothic Metal elements, but also Dark Wave, Rock or even Doom Death Metal scents. The masculine voice is mighty, enhancing grunt valences, but there are also screeching and normal ones, entwining from time to time with a feminine voice, pretty shady and fragile. The keyboard is highly present but it didn't seem special to me. The bass dominates the sound, while the guitars are trying to create a friendly atmosphere, but most of the time rhythm and commercial forestall the sound. It is a slightly above average album, without any drop of originality, but it sounds good all right. I guess they raise all their fans during concerts! A bit rooted in Romania, these Germans contour throughout Twilight Records an excellently sounding album, and also present a profi layout and booklet, one that can solely vanquish the German audience and maybe some other from the East European countries.