•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.85/1
  • Album: AMESOEURS
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: CODE 666
  • Artist: 

This project got a lot of press, an Urban Decadence work that incorporates Neige from ALCEST (vocals, bass guitar) and Fursy Teyssier (guitars). The female vocal parts belong to Audrey Sylvian, while at drums we have Winterhalter, thus a quartet that should have a lot more to say, except for the fact that, as I understood, they have already split. We are dealing here with an experimental Melancholic Black Metal who takes us through Post Punk or the ‘80s New Wave, with inspirational sources like din JOY DIVISION, CURE or even DEPECHE MODE. There are a few very special tracks, but, looking at it as a whole, the album doesn’t seem to tie together very well, being more of an avant-garde material that tries to bring together two separate things, at times making it work, other times leaving things at an experimental level. I must say I am not comfortable saying these things, as ALCEST is one of my very favourites bands and the new project called LES DISCRETS, made up by the guys who are activating in ALCEST as well, sounds incredibly good, their debut coming soon, this autumn to be more exact, at Prophecy Productions. Melodic but also violent, with rhythm at times, but no shape in other instances, AMESOEURS promises (on an idea level), but the result is yet to convince me.