Anathema "A Natural Disaster"

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Anathema "A Natural Disaster"
  • Album: A Natural Disaster
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

The seventh album of the British was indeed expected all around especially since the previous album, "A Fine Day to Exit" was pretty well received and reviewed by the entire musical mass-media. Since in my vision, the Metal experience with ANATHEMA practically ended once Darren left, the only thing I can do is to enter again the realm of Atmospheric Rock and to try to describe this new chapter. Well, by all means, it is a straight follow-up of the previous material and this time the melancholic aura is even more outlined with psychedelic Rock echoes, a calm keyboard, a romantic piano and transcendental guitars. The voice is simply unchanged and the calm set free is seldom interrupted by few aggressive passages, which actually colour even more the sad meditative sound. "Flying" is a depressing track, damned depressing, but superb and there is present as well in the "picture" the voice of the drum player's sister, in a simple appearance and with no connection with the other tracks. In fact, I really don't see this album as a conceptual one but rather as a sum of various tracks well arranged but with slightly noticeable stylistic differences. However, the last four tracks are the most flourishing ones and the atmosphere they bring into your soul is absolutely relaxing. We could say that Cavanagh brothers try to prove that there is still strength to continue the musical experience started many years ago, even if they do it in a fragile manner and (why not saying it?) in lack of new attractive elements! I consider that today's ANATHEMA lives still within the echoes of what once was since the actual shades of PORTISHEAD or AIR have nothing in common with the meditative Metal they used to perform long time ago! Or... to be even more precise: this very album is a nice one but nothing to be enclosed in the Metallic perspective!