Anathema "Hindsight"

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Anathema "Hindsight"
  • Album: Hindsight
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

Fans have been waiting for something new, that’s for sure!!!! Well, now it came, not explicitly something new, but it can hydrate the ones striving for ANATHEMA. Along Dave Wesling’s cello, the British present a half acoustic material, with special tracks, mostly appreciated by everyone, more atmospherically and psychedelically processed than on the original albums, with a shaded Metal dimension and with the major accent on the female voice, alongside a better arranged and harmonized orchestral dimension. “Flying” seems to be the best track on this material, despite the fact that there are more enjoyable and popular sequences such as: “One Last Goodbye”, “Are You There”, ”Angelica” or “A Natural Disaster”. It is a perfect album for the ones adoring “A Moment In Time” DVD. The new track “Unchained” doesn’t seem to satisfy the fans’ expectations, but it might become a reference one, never know! This is a beautiful album, yet there’s nothing interesting besides the mood it creates!