Anathema "Resonance"

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Anathema "Resonance"
  • Album: Resonance
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

I do not agree with filling a CD with tracks from the band's different albums, since I find in such act an absolutely embarrassing manner of making money on the behalf of its fans. As far as this present one is concerned, only half would be true, because the other half means satisfaction due to "Hope" video-clip and some great tracks ready to take you back in time, such as "Alone", "Far Away" or "Everwake". In other words, here are the most representative ambient ANATHEMA tracks where female voice is an intense presence, just like the acoustic frame ("Eternity"), the orchestral ones ("The Silent Enigma") or live ("Angelica") and even the PINK FLOYD or BAD RELIGION cover versions... Overall, everything features a simple rather attractive (for nostalgic and romantic people) manner of expressing ANATHEMA. It is a unique exquisite sparkling idea of Peaceville people but nothing more. Website: