Anathema "We're Here Because We're Here"

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Anathema "We're Here Because We're Here"
  • Album: We're Here Because We're Here
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: Kscope
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

Looks like the end of this month will bring upon us the 8th album of the British band Anathema.

All the previews I have seen so far are especially careful in mentioning this is the best album so far, the best male vocals, the best lyrics, the most striking guitar work. The band came back in a complete formula, meaning that even Lee, John Douglas’s sister is a member of the band now. I’m sick of the usual marketing techniques so lets see what we can make out of the album as music stands first, isn’t it so?

Well, we have been granted 10 full tracks, quite hard to pin down stylistically but very easily recognizable. ANATHEMA is still ANATHEMA! Clearly the album is the most complex ever, very well done, experimental and varied. I like it that they blended that 70’ aroma into the mix using some really strange samples (I can hear some Led Zeppelin in here, especially the “Presence” sequence, where a female voice opens a gate towards levitation in mere seconds, and perfectly loomed on “A Simple Mistake”) and a bit of psychedelic borrowed from PINK FLOYD.

The albums teems with atmosphere, a very relaxed one, melancholic adding a lot of romance to the music, supplemented by the keyboards and fine use of vocals. The feminine voice manages effortlessly to balance the male vocals, that tend to get a little boring anyway. We have a guest star appearance on the track “Angels Walk Among Us”, mister Ville Valo/HIM. A song meant to be a ballade, and to break many many hearts.

Steven Wilson was the one in charge of mixing the material and the legendary The Who man Jon Astley took over the masterizing part. Some musical arrangements were made by another “star” Dave Stewart from Porcupine Tree so you can easily determine that this album came out with very high expectations. Nevertheless, Kscope is a label that released in the past albums produced or composed by the band members of PORCUPINE TREE…

Even so, I keep wondering how a beautiful and refined songs like “Universal” was placed before such an average, repetitive and atmosphere less song as “Get Off, Get Out” is.

I’m coming back to the third track on the album, “Dreaming Light” – a simple one but accompanied by a set of guitars and keyboards that unfold a fascinating cosmic aura, ending in a wonderful sum of vocal samples.

A tempest song a little bit more noisy is “Summernight Horizon”, a track merging a weird piano and guitar, judging from the rest of the album. “Hindsight” is another musical jewel, based on guitar solos, perfect to end the chapter that is “We’re here, because we’re here”. Although after Darren left the band, Anathema ceased to fascinate me like it use to, the new album makes me bow in front of the British sextet. It’s an album that so many people waited so long for so it’s presence is incapable of not being worshiped.

I’m strongly stating this: those who think they will be hearing Metal on this album will be completely disappointed by the very light dimension of the sound. If not in August, I am very sure Artmania will bring back the band soon in Romania. There are way too many hungry fans waiting to see ANATHEMA perform live again.