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  • Album: Dim Carcosa
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

The most famous Belgian Black Metal band has signed for Hammerheart and I assume this might lead to a fortunate situation of pointing out all their valuable skills of sophisticated refined instruments. Gunther founded the band in 1989 and, during the years, he must have recorded many albums but the signing with Mascot did not bring what Black Metal fans expected. Yet, enough about past, let us present the actual situation. The Belgian quintet comes back in force with the most atmospheric and powerful Black Metal album of theirs and also one of the best of last year. That is because of the authentic formula as well: Gunther Theys (vocals, bass), Yan Yrlund (TWO WITCHES/LACRIMOSA), Domingo Smets (AGATHOCLES/RENAISSANCE), Erik (INQUISITOR) and Walter (drums).

The tracks are incredibly fast yet full of melodiousness, heavy, featuring an intelligent keyboard, which carries your thought to symphonic-classical frames, Black voice as well as classic backing vocal, piano, a female voice from time to time... a sound reminding me of old ROTTING CHRIST (especially the guitars) or MISANTHROPE (atmosphere). I have nothing to reproach, as far as this album is concerned, even the booklet is superb...everything inspires rhythm, strength and attractiveness. It is, as some might say an accurate album, well envisioned and excellently interpreted, which means... a brilliant! Ancient Hordes, Kraaiennestraat II, 3290 Diest, Belgium.