ANDY WINTER "Shades Of Light Through Black and White"

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ANDY WINTER "Shades Of Light Through Black and White"
  • Album: Shades Of Light Through Black and White
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

I stay and wonder: why did Andy record this quarter of an hour of classical piano music? Maybe the other colleagues from WINDS or AGE OF SILENCE are stuck with other musical projects? Probably. The idea is that this solo project made me feel nothing, only if I talk about this Andy's qualities of a good musician. It would be really stupid give an opinion about classical music! Don't make any connection between this solo project and what you know about Andy Winter in the Metal variant! If you do, you could feel disappointed or even bored! I really wanted to listen to this MCD and, after I did it twice, I don't know if I'll do it again very soon.

Why? Because this new classical side which Andy wanted to show through this acoustic project didn't impress me at all. But let's look at the bright side: it's pleasant to listen to half an hour of classical music after such noise like Metal/Ambient, especially when you know that the one who plays the piano is, anyway, from your world! It's over, I educated myself, it's time to go back to my chain saws.