ANSUR "Axiom"

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ANSUR "Axiom"
  • Album: Axiom
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

The ones from Candlelight brought us an interesting and captivating metal surprise! Even if the album doesn't seem to have a complete conceptual dimension, but rather a sum of distinct tracks, you cannot overpass the genius of these four guys. Once the first piece "Earth Erasure" starts, you presume it is a Northern Black Metal band, extremely brutal and slightly avantgardist. The "Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands" track also opens the Progressive dimension, one that doesn't entirely shade the Black Metal touch, but it is close enough to doing that. Guitars riffs follow no particular rhythm or melody, their approach is a tricky one just like the one emphasized by the battery, playing all sorts of changeovers. "Desert Messiah" stand as a proof for the manner in which just in a matter of seconds a sound that seemed to be structured around the OPETH style ("Damnation") transforms into an extremely rapid and violent one ... moreover, this specific alternation does not end, also embracing echoes of the '70's music! I admit enjoying the keyboard sound, yet it is just an upstage tool trying to create atmosphere within the most sinister fragments.

I have no idea where have these musicians performed before, but it is certain they have plenty of inspiration. Unfortunately plenteous ideas have been processed in six tracks solely! Wonder what style is it, probably a mix between Black, Death and Progressive Metal, passing through Atmospheric or Psychedelic Rock. Take some traces from EMPEROR, add a bit of the late ENSLAVED, even OPETH and SOLEFALD, sift them through an original and avantgardist filter and you shall uncover ANSUR.