ANTAEUS "De Principii Evangelikum"

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ANTAEUS "De Principii Evangelikum"
  • Album: De Principii Evangelikum
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: OSMOSE
  • Artist: 
  • France

This very band could be considered "cult" since, during almost 8 years of existence, preferred staying behind underground. The style they approached has not been altered in any possible way by all modern Metal torments...and this is a noteworthy fact. Therefore, we can speak about a fusion of INCANTATION and SADISTIK EXECUTION in a Raw Black Metal version, which means: an extremely brutal and satanic technique. I don't find it special, not for these times, but if we take a look from its stylistic orientation, it is undeniable that ANTAEUS conceive an accurate remarkable Black/Death Metal and this album is just a follow-up for the "Cut Your Flesh & Worship Satan". There are a lot of interesting details regarding this French band but if you desire for more just visit their site