ANTICHRISIS "A Legacy Of Love Mark II"

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ANTICHRISIS "A Legacy Of Love Mark II"
  • Album: A Legacy Of Love Mark II
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: REARTONE
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Sometimes I have to admit that the re-recordings are good at something. Sid decided, after an extremely weak and disco album, "Perfume", to revive better thoughts and I inclined to think that he would do the same with the future album "The Legacy Remains". In this case, we have in front of us a completely re-recording of the brilliant "A Legacy Of Love" released in 1998 at Black Rose/Napalm. I remember that this material shocked me at that time, not concerning the virtuosity but the approach, melody and imagination. The album has nothing to do with Metal, it's an extremely rich mixture of Gothic, Pop, Folk, Celtic or Irish, everything in a positive Rock manner, abundant in atmosphere and rhythm! The two voices have their charm, as well as the keyboard that is used all the time. The traditional instruments outline a dreaming sound and this is the album realised 7 years ago. With a lot more neat and clear sound, with a bit changed background (in some cases to Irish, in other ones to Pop or even Metal), having another song included toward the original, "End Of December", ANTICHRISIS sends us now a new slot of light, extremely warm and well-meant, that should not miss from the collection of everybody who appreciates good music. For me the listening of this album made me go back to their debut, the excellent "Cantara Anachoreta". Why wouldn't you do the same?