ANTIMATTER "Leaving Eden"

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ANTIMATTER "Leaving Eden"
  • Album: Leaving Eden
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 

Change causes transformations! After Duncan Patterson's departure, I thought that Mick Moss will end the project via this very last album! Honestly, I'm astounded!!! A magnificent work!!! Truly magnificent! No more experimental sequences, no feminine voices involved, end of the ambient fragments! Extremely valuable Alternative Rock is what we dealing with, presenting nine long and elaborated tracks, full of substance and atmosphere! The slowest ones are scented with psychedelic touches, remains of the old PINK FLOYD... the dynamic tracks remind me of Dan Swano's NIGHTINGALE! So beautiful and elegant this sound that I find myself unable to reach other terms to describe it; very melancholic, expressive and dark, with clean and keen masculine vocals, along with a bombastic and orotund keyboard, prolonged guitars and dolorous violins, the new ANTIMATTER is the most accessible album released so far, that risks to be perceived as the most commercial too, maybe even as the less profound of all. Indeed, the message is a simple and clear one, but these are the key elements making "Leaving Eden" a special album! A marketing move was to invite the other ANATHEMA member, Danny Cavanagh, as a guest, unveiling a romantic aura to the sound alongside Mick! Congratulations! Still, why isn't there 1 in my rating? I have no idea. Waywardness maybe...:-)