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  • Album: Saviour
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

I do remember I received this album a year and half ago from Duncan Patterson (ex-ANATHEMA), when his project signed with an Austrian label. I don't know what happened in between but it seems like the material shocked immediately the whole metal scene, so that it is now released in America under The End label and in Europe under an Austrian label. In comparison with the initial version, the new CD encloses as well 2-bonus track "Over Your Shoulder" and "Flowers", but in an acoustic edition with Danny Cavannagh (ANATHEMA) as guest. For those who have not listened to the album I assure you Duncan and Michael Moss advance an experimental sound, Dark Orchestral Ambient Electronic, with female passionate voice and, here and there, a melodic calm male one. I cannot deny there are all over fragments of ANATHEMA and hues of PORTISHEAD and all in all the entire sound embraces a sad melancholic measurement. I am not in the position of really understanding why this album meant such a revolution but perhaps there are as well enough reasons I just didn't perceive. Besides this, I actually can promise and guarantee that "Over Your Shoulder" sounds superb in the natural version as well as in the acoustic one! For the rest...I can only say: an introspective fusion with Electro-Pop rhythms and strong roots in commercial Rock.