APOTHEOSIS "Farthest From The Sun"

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APOTHEOSIS "Farthest From The Sun"
  • Album: Farthest From The Sun
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Malta

I've heard of this computerized project of Sauron, a long time ago, and I actually wanted to check if it is as good as TARTAROS. Well, the mixture of Symphonic, Epic Black and Thrash Metal is classy and tracks are extremely long and complex. In fact, the first track is an intro of 7 minutes, rather wire-drawn and ultra-extended. The next couple of tracks go beyond 12 minutes each, are full of bombastic atmosphere, here and there some medieval shades and sounds imitating traditional instruments and they also were included on Promo tape, 1997 but not that re-arranged and mastered with such elegant sound...The last track, "Kingdom", seems to be the most elaborated one as its musical structure is a continuous line full of attractive effects. It doesn't sound bad at all, although the aggressive voice rather bored me and, even if there are brilliant ideas, the sound performed and resulted solely on computer is a synthetic one...Sauron's effort is remarkable but I believe these four tracks would have sounded good as well if being more succinct since some passages are repetitive and exhausting. APOTHEOSIS is just another hybrid of computerized Black Metal and perhaps we shouldn't be so fastidious next to a debut! There are too many bands who try to prostitute their musical style just for commercial sake, which is money. Sauron didn't look for such and I have reasons to believe neither he will as far as his stylistic direction remains Majestic Sumptuous Elaborate Modern Black Metal belonging to The Third Millennium! Interesting but nothing else...