ARCANA COELESTIA "Le Mirage de L’Ideal"

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ARCANA COELESTIA "Le Mirage de L’Ideal"
  • Album: Le Mirage de L’Ideal
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: ATMF
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

The Italians new album is a significant make for the European Funeral Doom Metal scene, the six new tracks being extraordinarily good! From SHPAE OF DESPAIR or SKEPTICISM to ESOTERIC, PRIMORDIAL or MY DYING BRIDE, with hints of NOVEMBRE or ANATHEMA, ARCANA COELESTIA is the most mature project from MZ. And I mean here URNA and LOCUS MORTIS, plus the new collaboration with the bass player Sephrenel of ABSENTIA LUNAE. Entwined voices, cosmic rhythms, long and slow accords sustained by strange effects… it all seems to have came from Hell (as if I’d knew how Hell feels like), the listening of these tracks takes you into a grave universe, depressing, with hints towards isolation, negating, unframed obsessions. A work completed very well, with long and varied tracks, an intelligent sample of Italian Slow Doom Metal.