Arcana "Le Serpent Rouge"

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Arcana "Le Serpent Rouge"
  • Album: Le Serpent Rouge
  • Year: 2005
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

A lot of readers have been reproaching me that I haven't written about this group for a long time. So, I have now the oportunity, to mention about a Peter Bjargo's new chapter, which, from all points of view, is the most medieval and trascendental ARCANA album. With a lot more DEAD CAN DANCE influences, effects, female choirs alternating in a mysterious way, oriental influences, mystic atmosphere, the new ARCANA throws you in a space without time, non-coloured and with no certain guide marks.

But let's see some of their instruments, besides programming and usual samples: armenian duduk, dulcimer Egyptian fingercymbals, ceremonial cymbals, timpani, handdrum, drum, bass, bells, tamburine, shakers ad cabasa... So, medieval soundscapes at the highest level! And the booklet is a special one, Agnieszka Szabo outlining perfectly an imagery which reflects one of the best realizations in this year and, if I analyse, it's hard to make a top of the four Swedish's albums, but, concerning the force, inspiration and orientation, this latest chapter is different from the rest, even if the fluency would be the missing element from the actual sound. But who said it should have existed? Really special, indeed!