ARCTURUS "Sideshow Symphonies"

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ARCTURUS "Sideshow Symphonies"
  • Album: Sideshow Symphonies
  • Year: 2005
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

I've listened to this album at least 50 times and I'm still confused! Why? Because, comparing to what has appeared this year, is, by far, an exceptional avant-garde jewel! If I compare it to the first two ARCTURUS albums, the new chapter is under but a lot above the previous one. I dont't even know is it's worth writing about this album by comparison. From the beginning I want to underline that ARCTURUS without Garm's voice is like a bright star on sky full of thick clouds. The influences of the Doom Metal project LAMENTED GODS are maybe too strong, and the way Vortex trolls off the songs becomes sometimes irritating. More modulations would have surely created a fantastic aura, characteristical for the galactic Norwegian musical project! Concerning the instruments, Sverd's masterful keyboard is again an unique piece, the group's identity, the sequences from the song "Shipwrecked Frontier Pionier" being demented! Normally, when I listen to this keyboard I just can't stop thinking of the organic form of Bach's or even Tchakovsky's music... Even the echoes of a female voice (Silje/OCTAVIA SPERATI) develops a new dimension, that hasn't been noticed until now at ARCTURUS, but which astonishes the audience! The end of this song is really special. Between the same guide marks is Moonshine Delirium" situated, with an extremely present and well-interpreted piano... I realize now that these two songs are the longest on this album, 7 minutes each!

The guitars are highly interpreted (the first part of the song "Reflections" is by far the most Metal from the whole album), the Progressive note being combined with the Metal one, in a way that seems the most avant-garde one, Hellhammer's drums are full of complex passages, the cosmic atmosphere feels like home! The Black Metal elements are present only in the end of the first song, when ICS's normal voice becomes a very agressive one, reminding me of BORKNAGAR or DIMMU. Unfortunately, they way this album was immixed had to suffer, the whole sound seems to be shadowed by the irritating background noise, or, better said, the instruments can be confusingly heard... But maybe this thing, too has its own role and charm, he, he... One with another, if it is to see the album in a positive way, maybe the way we should continually see it, it deserves the audition! It's not perfectly complete, there are weak points, but ARCTURUS is still ARCTURUS, with or without Garm or Carl August... Hellhammer, Skoll and Sverd represent the strong points and I would really like to see them live! And when I remember that I almost brought them in Romania...

Although I wrote some lines about the album, I realize I could write at least two times more, but I would better stop here. Why? Because ARCTURUS probably has also a lot more to say... Let's hope we'll have another occasion to write about.