ARDITI "Omne Ensis Impera"

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ARDITI "Omne Ensis Impera"
  • Album: Omne Ensis Impera
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

More rigid than PUISSANCE and drier than TRIARII, ARDITI keeps alive a remarkable Martial Industrial Neo Classical line! With Kamrat’s NORDVARGR (MZ.412, TOROIDH) contribution, who also collaborates on certain tracks, ARDITI presents an elegant digi-pack, a music full of dramatic touches, with an Epic atmosphere, imposingly somber and cold, saturated in diverse effects, both warrior and classic choirs, intonations and discrete declaims all in an oppressive background, but everything within a unique Dark note. Maybe repetitive and monotonous for a connoisseur, the new ARDITI album seems to be the most complete and inspired one, and I congratulate H. Moller and M. Bjorkman for this little jewel! PUISSANCE and ALGAION are special bands too, also hosting the participation of the two. I also want to add that ARDITI composed some tracks for the last two MARDUK albums too.