ARGUS MEGERE "Solitar In Straniu"

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ARGUS MEGERE "Solitar In Straniu"
  • Album: Solitar In Straniu
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Even though the album is pretty old, I thought it would be a good idea to present it now, as Fulmineos sent me heaps of his CD's, and the most of them have been released years ago. Therefore, my comments will be short: Northern Black Metal, in the Norse style, performed in Romanian, trying to imitate bands like STRID, TULUS, HELHEIM or KAMPFAR. So, neither Primitive or Raw Black Metal bands, nor trendy ones. Rather the bands created after the death Euronymous, most of them introducing the atmospheric keyboard besides guitars and battery. This is also the case of this project from Timisoara, having some history in the background (I've written in '96 and '97 about Fulmineos's projects) but which haven't been fully appreciated by the fans. I've enjoyed the sound of this album, even though vocal inflexions let down some times. I recommend to pay attention to this project, because it could turn into a replica, on a different scale, to the well known band from Timisoara, NEGURA BUNGET.