ARMAGEDDA "The Final War Approaching"

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ARMAGEDDA "The Final War Approaching"
  • Album: The Final War Approaching
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Here it comes another version rather more pleasant of brutality although the originality chapter does not deserve a mark to pass the exam. This Swedish band reminds me of DARK THRONE's first Black Metal album and I must confess that the grim & underground note placed me somewhere about 10 years ago. The band was founded in 2000 under VOLKERMORD name and the demo tape recorded in 30 samples only determined Deathcult Production to offer them a contract for a split together with SVARTHYMN. In other words, Black Metal in Nordic style is brought again in the attention by JEHOVAS HELL (the meaning of the band's name) while the product of the two (recently have become three) might be interesting but only for a very few auditions. Let us see what future can bring since the debut is to be noticed but nothing else or more!