ARTESIA "Hilvern"

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ARTESIA "Hilvern"
  • Album: Hilvern
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • France

Another fascinating Ethereal Goth debut from the French label that goes under the motto: "The Fairy World Label". The two mermaids forming ARTESIA took the path of several previous projects, such as: ARCANA, ELEND (the first two albums), AUTUMN TEARS, LES SECRETS DE MORPHEE, STOA and conceived a truly beautiful, romantic, melancholic material, sorrowful and sinked into a Dark atmosphere. A sound created solely by synthe, piano and violin (baroque elements reminding me of ELEND), dramatic and still dreamlike, we get entraced by the angelic feminine voice, so that we can enter a serene, calm, meditative and mysterious realm! Even though it is trend all over this music, from time to time even monotonous, I cannot escape getting raptured within "Hilvern's" romantic realm! ELEND meets AUTUMN TEARS! Excellent!