ARTESIA "Llydaw"

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ARTESIA "Llydaw"
  • Album: Llydaw
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • France

With a changed line-up, the French trio released a new Neoclassical Ambient album, very atmospheric, with Heavenly voices, somewhere between DARK SANCTUARY and ARCANA, but less whole and less finished from the point of view of the rhythm and somewhat lacking substance in places. The arrival of the new violin player has somewhat changed the sound and the acquisition of Loic (BELENOS) at guitars, totally changed the structure of the tracks, which now seem not very well defined. I was expecting a lot more from ARTESIA and that is why, I still find the debut material as their best work. This album deserves a change too, so you might as well give it, an album that, in my opinion, confuses itself with the second release they had, pretty pale and lacking in expressiveness!