AS LIGHT DIES "A Step Through The Reflection"

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AS LIGHT DIES "A Step Through The Reflection"
  • Album: A Step Through The Reflection
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Spain

There two sides for the story of these musicians' debut. Firstly: a very complex sound, wandering through almost every modern musical styles, starting with Black, Death and Doom Metal all the way to Folk and Progressive, using VED BUENS ENDE, CYNIC, OPETH or ORPHANAGE as landmarks. Secondly: a too diverse sound, with lots of rhythm syncope, some of them quite annoying, that failed into creating me the sense of dealing with a conceptual album, well structured and curdled... rather it gave me feeling I was experiencing an amalgam of tracks, each one using a language of its own and that's all. If I've told you that this is an intricate album, than do expect almost everything that crosses your mind: super-aggressive sequences, atmospheric evenly melancholic interludes (alike ANATHEMA's), guitars sounding quite fine on the Progressive fragments, various voices, some of them truly felicitous... If we are to consider the over seventy minutes length too than we are entitled to turn tolerant, even indulgent with this material.

Even though I wasn't convinced by these Spanish, they've succeeded into arousing my interest, so I'll be in the waiting to see which direction will they follow in the future.