ASGAROTH "Red Shift"

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ASGAROTH "Red Shift"
  • Album: Red Shift
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Spain

"The Quest For Eldenhor" was the MCD I listened to back in 1996 and I actually liked it. It was about a trendy Bombastic Atmospheric Black Metal well interpreted and performed. Later after, "Trapped In The Depths Of Eve" debut and MCD "Absence Spells Beyond" followed but did not reach much of an appreciation.
"Red Shift" comes up as an addition of ASGAROTH' history and I find this material the most complete and innovative of all. Even if released in 2000 and re-edited now at Peaceville, the album develops a timeless sound, the Death Metal basis is penetrated of many strange atmospheric parts and of Black or Thrash elements as well. Miscellaneous vocals, a pretty knotty rhythm and a keyboard guiding the ear's delight from melodiousness to brutality must be the most important aspects...pretty interesting tracks... I usually enjoy listening to something out of regular patterns and ASGAROTH proved to be so. There are some classical interludes of a clear voice that actually charms at an instant. If the four Spanish musicians elaborated such almost two years ago, I am curious how would a recent album sound in 2002?! Time shall tell. The CD also consists of a simplistic yet spicy video-track.