ASTARTE "Quod Superius, Sicut Inferius"

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ASTARTE "Quod Superius, Sicut Inferius"
  • Album: Quod Superius, Sicut Inferius
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: BLACK LOTUS
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

About "Rising From Within", the second album of this band, you could find out in my last issue. Now the three girls brought a new Epic Black Metal opus, more pretentious and atmospheric than all they ever composed: a good album no matter which angle you see it-quality recording, professional mastering and irreproachable execution! This is a kind of replica to "Non Serviam" with many resembling parts, even few identical riffs and a catching melodiousness. It is true that the vocals don't reveal a feminine source and neither handling the instruments doesn't. I tell you, not even after a vigilant audition the weak points don't show up. This is a real surprise for my tastes and although beneficiary of voiced help from Spiros/SEPTIC FLESH and a support at keyboard from Iraklis/SWAN CHRISTY, it amazes me both with such creative manner of performing and presentation. The Epic dimension is set off due to a certain harmony between guitars and drums while the synth has a part in entertaining the sonorous result! ASTARTE plays nothing new and probably ROTTING CHRIST etalon is the first adjacent association to the Greeks' sound. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is far from being common, full of dynamism and melodiousness but "speaking" in a first class Black Metal language. After seven years of existence, beginning under the name of LLOTH, ASTARTE actually impresses now with this third and best album of their history. Excellent!