Ataraxia "Kremasta Nera"

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Ataraxia "Kremasta Nera"
  • Album: Kremasta Nera
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: ARK
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

The long winded and inspired Italian band has conceived another album, this time under an Italian label's banner. If their previous album, released by Cold Meat Industry three months ago, completely confused me as the theatrical dimension seemed unearthly, the new material is more atmospheric and tangible. Pathed towards the superb "Lost Atlantis", "Kremasta Nera" begins in a very friendly manner, as the tracks are focused on the medieval, even romantic, aura, saturated in Folk and traditional influences; moreover, the splendid feminine voice is enhanced (Francesca has one of the most talented voices that I've heard so far) alongside a distinct orchestration illustrated solely by ATARAXIA.

Some abstract and intricate elements are to be disclosed in the second part of the album, destroying the Charm enlivened by such a serene and relaxing sound! It is not a remarkable album, but is doesn't glide down the average either. It is ATARAXIA, and the ones familiar to this very musical style shouldn't be disappointed by this last release... "Lost Atlantis" remains my favorite though...