ATROX "Orgasm"

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ATROX "Orgasm"
  • Album: Orgasm
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: CODE666
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Monika Edvardsen owns an exquisite voice and its inflections remind me of Kate Bush! After three albums well received, even if hard to be understood, the Norwegians come in forth with a new chapter of Schizo Progressive Metal, very knotty, complex, outstanding and noisy. We couldn't talk about Gothic Metal but rather about a proper sound in which elements of all kind were inserted: Jazz, Rock, Psychedelic, Power, Doom Death, and Melodic... Well, as observation... each new album is more and more avant-garde and twisted, which may confuse the listener in a way or another. From another point of view, as rhythm and melody, the album is out of any cliché or pattern. It is impossible for you not to recognize ATROX or, better said, not to recognize that "crawling" voice... with Indian Arabian or Asian influences. The guitar riffs are succinct and explosive even staccato, the bass tends to become Power while the synth simply surprises one's ear! But above all I find indeed interesting all the passages where beside Monika's voice intertwines a clear male voice completing thus a sound rather too technical for the fans of cursive Metal.