ATROX "Terrestrials"

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ATROX "Terrestrials"
  • Album: Terrestrials
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

If "Contentum" was a problematical album, then the new tracks must be at least inaccessible for most of people! Experimental Doom Schizophrenic Progressive and Technical Metal! Monika's voice is astounding and so is her synth. There is no rhythm, no melodiousness, everything is waving and in shadows...there are only echoes...I am afraid that the sound of ATROX has become too soft for my ears in spite of the fact that this band is one of my favorite. There is required a certain mood in order to listen to and to comprehend such music! I definitely am not blind and I cannot help myself from noticing the album's cover, painted by Monika herself in the same manner she used us with, yet much more overwhelming. I believe that what we see on the cover is what ATROX values in approaching music. Let us see what the Norwegian quartet has to offer from now on, under Code 666 label.