AUTUMNBLAZE "Perdition Diaries"

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AUTUMNBLAZE "Perdition Diaries"
  • Album: Perdition Diaries
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

After it seemed that the project will not release anything else, it now looks that they are coming back in a golden formula, with another creation. Eldron, Arisjel and Schwadorf (THE VISON BLEAK…) thought to show us some new works, which mainly look back to the times long passed, when Dark Metal was in its discovery period, meaning MY DYING BRIDE, KATATONIA or ANATHEMA. I was expecting a very melancholic, peaceful material, with an acoustic imprint… in reality, the three placed their bets on a Metallic sort of dynamic, with traces of traditional Doom Death Metal, some guitars that have a Black metal sounds to them, aggressive vocals and showy accords. On the other hand though, we have piano, some melodic tracks, more like Rock, tending to become mainstream hits, playable to any audiences. An interesting material but under no circumstances an exceptional one! It doesn’t seem complete, or structured, but more like a sum of ideas expressed in varied and confusing manners throughout the ten tracks.