Ava Inferi "Burdens"

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Ava Inferi "Burdens"
  • Album: Burdens
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Portugal

Considering his name, Rune Eriksen seems rather Norwegian than Portuguese! Though, the music he conceives is an extremely original and mystical one, all portraying an interesting and melodious musical weirdness. Carmen Susana Simoes's feminine voice (POETRY OF SHADOWS, AENIMA) brings an expressive touch to the sound, along with the catchy guitar riffs (both the electric and the accoustic ones), from the dynamic point of view rather than related to the enhanced atmosphere. We are dealing with Atmospheric Doom Metal, veiled in Gothic or Psyhedelic, something between THE GATHERING and THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL, only there is more Dark and this very music scents more mystery! Nuno Roberto was invited to join in for several tracks, and his guitar solos bring vividness to a less cheerful sound, saturated in sombre and momentous stylistic elements. I think this is one of the remarkable 2006 debut and I truly hope that AVA INFERI will continue mesmerizing us with such profound and serious works!