Ava Inferi "Onyx"

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Ava Inferi "Onyx"
  • Album: Onyx
  • Year: 2011
  • Artist: 
  • Portugal

If all the tracks would have sounded in “The Living End” direction, Rune and Carmen's new album would have gotten my highest mark! This song has something ravishing in structure, composition, interpretation! Carmen's voice harmonizes in the chorus with a beautiful male voice and which perfectly completes an ethereal and dreamy Doom Metal sound. Unlike the previous albums, AVA INFERI seems to now insist on Progressive, even Gothic Metal touches, what makes out of the final result a well structured conglomeration of influences, more digestible than in the past, a pleasant audition and dominated by an specific atmosphere of northern bands... and I'm thinking of the old THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL or MADDER MORTEM.

The cover but also the video of “Majesty” sequence were made by Costin Chioreanu, as well as the superb poster announcing a tour of the band with the famous MY DYING BRIDE in Albion, in May. It's quite hard to know what I would want more from this band: the strength and aggressive dynamic or just frailty and the discreet atmosphere... the balance seems to be successful, but I believe that AVA INFERI hasn't reached yet its maturity in musical expression... probably conceptually speaking, yes... but there's still lacking something that would make the perfect junction between the gorgeous female voice and the instrumentation that sounds almost perfect!