AVERSE SEFIRA "Advent Parallax"

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AVERSE SEFIRA "Advent Parallax"
  • Album: Advent Parallax
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Well, these Americans have released their fourth album! Tireless within this scene for over 10 years, AVERSE SEFIRA still presents an aggressive Black Metal, with lots of Death elements, but without various modern influences. It solely consists of brutality, evil voices and hellish drums. I have no negative remarks for this album, in what concerns technique and interpretation. It's just that I cannot uncover anything special at all, nothing new, nothing to attract me particularly... just Black Metal in its Northern version, linear from time to time, weary even. Luckily, the length isn't considerable, and so the 8 tracks managed to successfully wake me up in the morning, leaving me all refreshed. www.aversesefira.com