AXA VALAHA "issue 3, 2003 (74 A4 pages, English, Xerox)"

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AXA VALAHA "issue 3, 2003 (74 A4 pages, English, Xerox)"
  • Album: issue 3, 2003 (74 A4 pages, English, Xerox)
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

I remember Nosferatu warning me this issue would be full of information! Well, I must admit, it is like that! Even the imagery has encountered some changes! I really appreciate the fact that it contains many reviews to dozens of magazines and demos...exactly what an Underground magazine should be like! The writers make references to extreme styles, while Death, Gore and Grind Core build the very nucleus right beside Black Metal. In such light, it is only natural for it to enclose interviews with: FEASTING BLOOD, RITUAL, FAR FROM MIND, UNHOLY ARCHANGEL, NUNSLAUGHTER, CRUACHAN, NAER MATARON, HORIBLE EYS, TROLLECH, BUCOVINA , MERENDINE ATOMICHE, SHADEWORKSKRATORNAS, VLAD DRACUL... Some of them are really good; some are made in hurry and in lack of interesting details. In my opinion, the reviews-chapter is rather too short and snappy and pretty superficial so that, in the end, the reader doesn't actually get the help he needed in order to decide if looking for or if buying or not an album or another. Well, on the other side, I must say that some of the press-reviews are indeed pertinent and really justified. It is a long way to reach a professional approach! If we take a look by comparing this release to the previous ones, well, this one is by far the best and the most condensed! I actually enjoyed browsing this magazine especially its texture. But nothing more! I understand there is as well a free CD but I don't know for sure. All in all: Maximum effort, maximum devotion to underground... the only thing missing is what I already mentioned upper. Well, good luck for the next issue!