AYTHIS "Glacia"

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AYTHIS "Glacia"
  • Album: Glacia
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • France

Carline Van Roos is known from her activity within Metal bands like LETHIAN DREAMS and REMEMBRANCE. After a debut in 2007, Carline now releases a new album, based on Neoclassical Ambient, Dark Atmospheric and Heavenly voices… something that points towards bands like ARCANA, DARK SANCTUARY, ARTESIA or DARGAARD. Doesn’t seem to be anything extraordinary, nothing original, but a music that can put you into a pleasant and relaxing mood… If I am to insist and listen to the album a few times over, there is the possibility that I might lose focus, as the tracks are quite linear and alike. We have symphonic interludes, depressive passages, hypnotic accords, ethereal vocals… we have pretty much everything, bar the expressiveness of an original sound.