AZAGATEL "Nautilus"

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AZAGATEL "Nautilus"
  • Album: Nautilus
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Portugal

I do appreciate, and so should anyone, each intention of a band to promote itself by own means as I find in it a proof of seriousness which reflects into what they do. It is the case of this Lusitanian sextet that released, this year, their second material and this time a whole CD. I cannot say their music is singular or unusual, yet I am sure when affirming that the melodic Black Metal joins tunefully symphonic epic, Viking elements as well as extreme brutal refrains. So, we enter a dimension of atmospheric Black Metal, very rhythmic and entertaining, in old style of HEAVENWOOD, full of dynamism and various and multiple tunes. There is featured TORMENTOR, "Elisabeth Bathory" cover version excellently performed and framed. I find it a pleasant surprise and I think this album might have been easily released by any obscure label. An outstanding lay-out and artwork, a flourishing album...when picturing the entire sound facet! .