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  • Album: BALAMUC zine
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Titus Constantinescu sent me two of his zines, entertaining hopes that I'll write something about them. Honestly, there is no knowing whether he was interested in my opinion regarding the first two Balamuc issues or it was only about making it easier for the others to read my thoughts towards his effort materialized in those two publications. Both might be an answer too... Nevermind. We are dealing with a genuine fanzine, meaning about 30 A5 xerox pages, showing out a deplorable layout and a primitive imagery. There are also various caricatures, fun texts and decent jokes. I find the release of this fanzine salutary, especially because Titus identified a Rockin' debate line less used in underground: the humour! I admit some of his stories (particularly the adventure he experienced with the Greeks from Womb of Maggots in Romania) amused me, yet I wonder why did he forgot the funny approach in the reviews section, poor as it is, for the sake of giving his publication some logic. Bah, he might answer: "non - logical, that's the precise key." My expectations were higher in what concerns the interview he made with himself (it sounds so peculiar, yet very funny), but probably that's the path he chose for making public his crossroad with the Metal dimension. We can find all kind of commentaries, reader's section, even an editorial (in issue no. 2), poor and pathetic - if we are to relate it to the general smart and inspired pattern of the publication; moreover, there are relaxing interviews with various bands' figures starting with GOTHIC and MAGICA, till LET ME DREAM, PUNGENT STENCH or RAISON D'ETRE; Titus also invited the outer bands in Romania, within the framework of another project of his, one promoted more and more actively. Once again I got disappointed... why? For the fact that some interviews were too sober (for example Raison D'Etre), while others seemed rather poor. The interview with the bisexual rocker was a sore failure, and I refer to the outcome rather than to the dialogue idea. Well, it took me about one hour to do some reading on the two issues, but here and there I got relaxed and it suited me fine. I appreciate Titus's attempt to point out that Metal doesn't necessarily entail black T - shirts, leather clothes mold on the bodies, tons of bracelets and buckles taking gravitational action on the already leaden - hued and crossed walk of the morose, nihilist and misanthrope rocker - the one endlessly in quest of isolation, daily ignorance and transcendental abysses disclosing doubtful depressions.

Time will tell if he succeeded or not. Personally, I only find the first issue somehow explosive, 'cause the second enters a more sober approach, bringing some plus professional writings, common for Metal promotion, a more coherent layout and a better printing quality. Though, I truly believe that, given the Romanian void of magazines/fanzines, any new publication exhibits some interest, therefore certain uproar! I guess the impact could be bigger, since it is written in Romanian, yet not big enough to get profitable. But hey, Titus, it's better than wasting money on 7UP (I twig that alcohol is still a taboo ?), so just "anchor" them in your magazine... as it harbours your Ego and self - content... fancy that you're not the only one trying more and more often to uphold the Metal spirit, weakened by the modern tendencies to consumption... Let's see your no. 3, somewhere during autumn, am I right? Yet, it would be auspicious to revive the first issue's relaxing chat! There are plenty of reviewing specialists and pale interviews, you know...