BARBARIC POETRY "Issue 3, October 2003 (36 pages A4, Xerox, English)"

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BARBARIC POETRY "Issue 3, October 2003 (36 pages A4, Xerox, English)"
  • Album: Issue 3, October 2003 (36 pages A4, Xerox, English)
  • Year: 2003
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  • Sweden

It seems like this is Janne's last wheeze in such conditions... at least this is what he sustains throughout his brief editorial. The new edition comes exactly in the same mediocre layout pointing out no major financial investment at this chapter. 99% of all developed subjects gravitate on extreme musical styles: Death, Thrash Metal or Grind Core. We have here almost 200 reviews of which more than half represent demos plus 30 ones for underground fanzines. Don't expect reading about other styles than previously mentioned! We have here some interesting interviews such as: BLOOD DUSTER, MACHETAZO, THRONEUM, PRIMAL DAWN, THE CHASM, DEFINITION SANE or HEADHUNTER D.C. Both the writing style and approach are mature and I really appreciate such and so are some of the reviews for concerts. A fanzine dedicated 100% to extreme underground! Janne Huhta, Aprilgatan 72, 415 15 Gothenburg, Sweden , .