BASILISK "Dark Seasons"

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BASILISK "Dark Seasons"
  • Album: Dark Seasons
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

I'm sure if this band would have done this album about five years ago, released it on a rather big label with an adequate promotion, the impact would be completely different. Unfortunately, the five Germans woke up too late in order to present us an ordinary Gothic Metal, better said a successful CREMATORY clone. I cannot spot weak points for this album, everything sounds fine, the vocals are pretty aggressive, the keyboard veils the whole atmosphere, the guitars are more than heavy... everything is done from A to Z. But, there is no originality! For a debuting band, BASILISK sounds more than good, yet I am surprised that the Germans haven't found a serious label for promoting their album! If you are in the mood for listening to half an hour of rhythmic, fully atmospheric and bombastic music, than BASILISK is the right choice!