BATHORY "Nordland I"

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BATHORY "Nordland I"
  • Album: Nordland I
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Right after the embarrassing "Destroyer Of Worlds", Quorthon brings now a part of his new compositions, in an Epic Viking Metal shape, which intends to reach a similar atmosphere as in "Twilight Of The Gods". Well, unlike the album released 12 years ago, the new material starts well and manages to keep this pulse. So far so good! From another perspective, the tracks are rather fade, common, resembling one with the others, in lack of force and expressivity. I have the impression this album was conceived in hurry and thus the Epic atmosphere seems "not sufficient" to fill an audition of almost an hour. There is a very good track, "Foreverdark Woods", which actually meets all the ingredients of a complete composition, from melodiousness, rhythm and virtuosity to Traditional Folk tunes, full of wary messages. I guess there are some tracks as well reminding me of earlier MANOWAR yet solely as far as instrumentation is concerned (vocals are really in lack of that tremendous vigour) and that would be about all! Is either the grey-age or the lack of inspiration, or maybe the desire of return to old times, well, I wouldn't know for sure, but this album turns out to be a fade copy of "Blood On Ice", not the best of theirs, but the closest to "Nordland I" as far as the stylistic message is concerned. Still, I find the album's cover embarrassing and so is the booklet's simplistic layout. So, it seems like not even this second part set the Thames on fire!