BATTLELORE "Evernight"

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BATTLELORE "Evernight"
  • Album: Evernight
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

After three albums that I haven't rated encouraging, the Finns bring a major stylistic transformation, even if the conceptualization remains the same. The new approach, Epic Fantasy Metal, is in fact a bombastic Gothic Metal, with a mighty throaty masculine voice (reminding me of ENCHANTMENT), executed by a new member, the same one that performs in EVEMASTER, and also some feminine pleasant and dilettante voice, and that's all it is to this release. Obviously, the new BATTLELORE sounds better than the old one, within which the normal masculine voice was far too common and didn't add an extra value to the sound. I sense a Darker BATTLELORE, a more atmospheric and rhythmic one, not necessarily a more melodic one too, yet it pleases my ears, especially for the fact that they've given up the trendy orientation of most Finnish bands, delirious for Tolkien, and so they've succeeded into recovering their national identity and are now mixing Metal with Epic or Folk, all in a Heavy or Power Metal version. Even though BATTLELORE's orientation returns to the 90's Gothic, this very album is one to be listened, one time for sure. Nothing new, nothing interesting, just another Atmospheric Gothic Metal album!