BATTLELORE "Sword's Song"

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BATTLELORE "Sword's Song"
  • Album: Sword's Song
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Well, this second album of the Finns comes out in a great profile and the Tolkian aura successfully conjoins the musicians' stage appearance. As far as music is regarded, BATTLELORE practically keeps in the same explosive highlighted Epic Fantasy Metal, full of rhythm and atmosphere and I must say melodiousness has found its origin within this material: Heavy guitars, epic choirs, traditional instruments, exhaustive keyboard, warrior-like vocals well mixed with romantic ones... I guess I'll never find out why some are that mad about this kind of sound! I truly find it rather too bombastic and much too commercial and thus sometimes a little too demanding for an incessant audition. It is, if you like, a beautiful romantic musical story made up in simplistic and puerile tunes yet pretty harmoniously completed just like if it was a "Lord Of the Rings" version in musical notes. Since I haven't caught this "virus", even if I make lots of efforts to accept it as a serious one, I do let your decision regarding this band review up to you and only, especially since this band sensibly amazes the entire Europe!