BATTLELORE "The Last Alliance"

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BATTLELORE "The Last Alliance"
  • Album: The Last Alliance
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Not many bands had the luck that these Finnish had, in less than eight years have released 5 albums working with a professional label and benefited having high standard promotion, all this despite major line-up changes. They now declare themselves to be the promoters of Epic Fantasy Metal, but there is a huge difference between what they started with and where they are today. I could say that we are talking about an atmospheric Gothic Doom Death Metal, in the style of the first two albums of THEATRY OF TRAGEDY, with some influences from the successful NIGHTWIS but that is pretty much it. The album doesn’t sound bad at all, the contrast between the throaty male voice and the fragile female one is well placed in value, the keyboard is everywhere, and the guitars shape an Epic Melodic universe, while the drums are engaged into breaking the rhythm. There is nothing that would sound bad, but there is nothing that would emphasize this album either. The most bombastic track seems to be the first one, "Third Immortal", which will stick into your head after listening to it only once. An album well worked, not very complicated but totally devoid of originality.