BATTLELORE "...Where The Shadows Lie"

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BATTLELORE "...Where The Shadows Lie"
  • Album: ...Where The Shadows Lie
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I should have written much more about this band if taking in account the fact it was founded in 1996 yet I had not pretty good reasons since during this period they only succeeded to record just two demos "Warrior's Tale" and "Dark Fantasy". It seems like "Dark Fantasy" made a fine impression since BATTLELORE has signed for Napalm. The major advantage of this sound is the fact you cannot confound with no other bands as everything breathes originality and a certain comfort. I really do not know where to frame these debutants music: Black Metal or Gothic... it is difficult to define their music because of the great variety of the sound. The aggressive voice, often bothering, alternates with two female voices and a few other technical effects, the melodic parts are abundant while the keyboard seems to be intelligently used even if it solely cannot fill entirely the background despite of some heavy guitars and epic rhythmic tunes. This debut comes along with a superb cover and I need to discern that the atmosphere created by modern Rock passages might reach a high impact to all extreme melodic Metal consumers!