BIONIC ANGEL "Digital Violence"

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BIONIC ANGEL "Digital Violence"
  • Album: Digital Violence
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Well, Gothic Rock has a new name associated with it, one that already appeared on certain compilations, causing some stir. The Dark note is remarkable, plus there is a well conceived Electro structure, and so the six musicians present a captivating but not original approach, as there is a resemblance to be sensed with THE KOVENANT and XANDRIA, also referencing SOULFLY or HIM, with voices that are both aggressive and normal, with super-electrifying rhythms and slow ballad harmonies. The tracks are diverse but the album doesn’t seem a conceptual one, rather one based on a sum of diverse influences processed and expressed, without defining an authentic style. It is a debut, so I’ll get over the details and just state that the sound is crystal clear and the performance is a pretty good one. I am curious to get to listen to their second album!